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Will TikTok Get Banned?


A loud burst of laughter fills the BHS media center. Following that sound, a group of teenagers could be found gathered around an iPhone 15 Pro Max, scrolling through the popular app Tiktok. 

TikTok is a social media platform that is used to create and share short videos usually with music playing over the video. The app is very popular amongst young people as it is one of the most efficient ways for them to express themselves online and gather loads of views. 

“TikTok has become a part of our everyday lives. TikTok is extremely popular because of its algorithm. It appeals to almost everyone because the videos on people’s for you page are specifically generated to match their preferences, which is why it is so popular in almost all generations,” said Braintree High junior, Tienna Phan

TikTok could also be accessed from anywhere in the world where anyone could easily post and share, which leaves people concerned about the international influence that could affect young American minds.

By viewing posts made by the public locally and globally, many people have their personal views changed on serious topics. Taking the Israel and Palestine conflict as an example, we can see the majority of the younger generations are in support of Palestinians, while the majority of the older are in support of Israel. 

“TikTok is where people can express their political ideas and how they feel about society. Most people can’t express it in person but doing it online can give them courage. TikTok is the best app to do it on since there are over billions of users,” stated Janice Tang, a Braintree High junior.

“Lawmakers for years have been worried that the Chinese government could somehow use ByteDance and TikTok to get information on Americans or possibly spread propaganda.” Sapna Maheshwari said on The Daily Podcast. 

The topic of TikTok’s ban has been speculated for many years but recently, the topic has been brought into action.

“President Biden last Wednesday signed a law that would ban Chinese-owned TikTok unless it is sold within a year” according to NPR.

“I don’t like the TikTok ban because I love TikTok. I believe that the government thinks that TikTok is more dangerous than it is but in reality, there are many benefits from TikTok like spreading awareness on global issues and connecting with other people, it is also a good tool for small business owners,” added Tienna Phan

The ban bill was passed by the senate with 79-18. Not long after, the bill was signed by President Joe Biden. Biden gave TikTok 9 months, with a possible 3-month extension to have it sold or it will be banned. 

“If not sold within a year, the law would make it illegal for web-hosting services to support TikTok, and it would force Google and Apple to remove TikTok from app stores — rendering the app unusable with time” NPR reported.

In reality, not many people will be able to buy the app due to its super expensive value. Meta is possibly the only company that can purchase the app but it’s unreasonable regarding concerns of a monopoly. 

The recent announcements have shocked many TikTok users, wondering if the popular app ban will become a reality.

One of the reasons for the ban on TikTok is the global influence the app could have on its users. With the speculation of the limited time that TikTok could be available for users located in the United States, people are left to wonder if the app will be sold to prevent the app from being banned.  

“It marks the first time the U.S. has passed a law that could trigger the ban of a social media platform, something that has been condemned by civil liberties groups and constitutional scholars,” said NPR.

The price listed for TikTok is very high, which leaves many users in doubt about another company stepping up to take ownership of the app. 

“I feel like banning it should be illegal. I think it violates the 1st amendment. It’s where people feel comfortable to post their creativity and also give other people ideas. The app also cures boredom,” shared Janice Tang 

TikTok has vowed to take the Biden administration to court, claiming the ban would suppress the free speech of millions of Americans. In return, the administration will state that it is a security threat and that would override the 1st.

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