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I Hate “Texas Hold ‘Em”, But Not For The Reasons You Think


Last month, Beyoncé released a new song, TEXAS HOLD ‘EM which has stirred up a lot of controversy. TEXAS HOLD ‘EM is a country song which is something new for the pop and R&B singer and it’s making people upset.

Some people believe that country is more than just a music genre, but a lifestyle, and that is very much true. Culture is the most important component of music, as it is what connects people to songs and builds the popularity of music.

While yes it makes sense for people to become defensive over something they consider as a part of their culture, the culture behind country music was lost years ago. Since the 70s country has been mainstreamed and changed by pop artists. And that is exactly what modern country is-pop music. 

Artists like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Dolly Parton wrote about growing up poor, dealing with emotional struggles, and wrote songs for the underrepresented. While there are artists today that try to bring it back, a majority of country music has been stripped of its roots. 

Personally, I don’t like TEXAS HOLD ‘EM. I am a fan of old country music and hold a strong disdain for a majority of modern country music with a few exceptions. That being said, I believe that the hate that Beyoncé is getting is stupid.

Many people have stated that they don’t like Beyoncé putting out country music because she doesn’t live the lifestyle, however that argument isn’t very strong due to the fact that she was born and raised in Houston, Texas. In the least stereotypical way possible, Texas might be the most country you can get and even if Beyoncé wasn’t born wearing a cowboy hat and boots, she was definitely exposed to southern culture daily. 

Another lame argument I’ve seen is that because Beyoncé is wealthy she can’t make country music. While it is undeniable that Beyoncé is, for the lack of better words, absolutely loaded, country singers like Luke Bryan and Morgan Wallen have also seen way more money than any everyday citizen. 

What I really believe all this hatred comes from is most likely racism and sexism. A genre that has constantly been dominated by white men now has a song made by a black woman at the top of the charts which makes people angry. Let’s not forget that country music stems from genres invented by African-Americans such as blues and dance tunes. 

In conclusion, TEXAS HOLD ‘EM makes my ears bleed just as much as any other country song and I think Beyoncé would break every single chart in the existence of music if she released “Donk” instead. That being said, most of the criticism she is facing is misguided and unreasonable.

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