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Billie Eilish Comes Out

Billie Eilish Comes Out

Julia Stock June 17, 2024

Since the release of “wish you were gay” on her 2019 debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO”, fans of alt-pop singer Billie Eilish have been speculating that she isn’t quite straight. However,...

Twenty One Pilots CLANCY: Album Review

Twenty One Pilots’ CLANCY: Album Review

Fred Hall June 12, 2024

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are back, Twenty One Pilots have returned with their 7th album, CLANCY. This project concludes their current multi-album narrative. Twenty One Pilots (TØP) is not an easy...

Why Revivals Should Never Happen

Why Revivals Should Never Happen

Stephanie Kuang and Awamalya Jean May 29, 2024

Everyone loves watching TV shows, especially for the plot, characters, and drama, but when a new TV show comes out that is connected to a previous popular show it may become weird for some fans. It's the...

Lana Del Rey Is Coming...

Lana Del Rey Is Coming…

Stephanie Kuang and Awamalya Jean May 21, 2024

Popular musician Lana Del Rey announced her first solo tour in the US and is headed to Boston’s Fenway Park.  Many fans in the Boston area were very excited to hear this as Lana hasn’t performed...

Will TikTok Get Banned?

Will TikTok Get Banned?

Stephanie Kuang and Awamalya Jean May 14, 2024

A loud burst of laughter fills the BHS media center. Following that sound, a group of teenagers could be found gathered around an iPhone 15 Pro Max, scrolling through the popular app Tiktok.  TikTok...

WampTV Commentary: TikTok Ban?

Vinh Dinh April 29, 2024

This commentary is the view of the author, and is not necessarily reflective of Braintree High News or WampTV.

Aniyah Marc performing at BHS stand up Rally, portraying dance moves from a mixture of African American and Caribbean culture

Caribbean Dance at Braintree High school’s Stand Up Rally

Awamalya Jean and Stephanie Kuang April 2, 2024

During this past Stand Up Rally, the Caribbean dance group stirred up a dance honoring countries in the Caribbean with hints of African American culture. It’s important to have fun; that is exactly what...

Universal Music Group pulls music off tiktok

Universal Music Group pulls music off tiktok

Awamalya Jean February 12, 2024

Universal Music Group and TikTok had a licensing disagreement leading to UMG pulling it's music off of Tiktok On Wednesday January 29, Tiktok and Universal Music Group had a contract termination  where...

Cover: Rapper Killer Mike with his 3 Grammys

2024 Grammys: More and More Disagreement

Fred Hall February 9, 2024

Once a year, music from around the world is funneled into categories for voting to be held on the best selection. The Grammys, the biggest music award show for 66 years, was held last weekend and what...

The iconic cover of The Catcher in the Rye.

The Catcher in The Rye

Kate Lee January 23, 2024

“I’m quite illiterate, but I read a lot.” - Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield, the teenage narrator of The Catcher in the Rye said it best, himself. You don’t need to be smart to understand...

Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy

Juliana Linker January 22, 2024

Beautiful Boy: A heartbreaking showcase of both love and hate, family and separation, but mostly importantly, addiction and recovery. For what was a movie I wanted to see simply to support the works of...

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