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Why Revivals Should Never Happen


Everyone loves watching TV shows, especially for the plot, characters, and drama, but when a new TV show comes out that is connected to a previous popular show it may become weird for some fans. It’s the same plot but with a few new changes. 

More often than not, a TV show’s ending is good. There is no need for a revival of a show years after it has ended. Instead of Revivals more than often a revival will happen which makes the concept of the previous show overused. 

“They drag it on when they don’t need it at all and it just makes it worse,” said Erin Vaillancourt.

Revivals don’t often catch the same nostalgic feeling as the original, therefore, they should not try to revive what was so great and ruin it with new settings and actors. 

Many viewers feel like revival takes away the love from the original story they are based on because everything in the spin of the show is changed now with a few of the same elements. 

Another thing about revivals is that the story from the original show is being done over and over again and becomes overused in the new show.  It makes viewers bored to see the same thing over again even with different characters. 

Revivals naturally fail to capture the same feeling and magic of the original TV show they came off on because it feels strange to people who knew the original that now has been turned into something else 

Icarly recently made a revival around two years ago and one of the main beloved characters Sam Puckett is no longer featured in the show. She was a fan favorite, being the sarcastic teen that many viewers found funny. 

“The revival version will never be as good as the original because not all of the characters are in the new version which doesn’t bring back the same feeling and excitement as before,” said Kylie Yun.

Although the ideas of revivals are considered overused or unwanted there have been times when the revival of shows isn’t as bad as people originally thought.

Gilmore Girls had made a revival 9 years after the show ended. The revival didn’t fully give viewers satisfaction. Some say that the revival didn’t make sense despite viewing the same characters 10 years later.

“One of my favorite shows ever is Gilmore Girls, and there was actually a revival of it about 10 years later, and it was just not very good. It was nice to see the main characters grow up, but the revival didn’t make much sense and the new ending left a bitter taste for every fan,” said Tienna Phan.

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