BHS Yellow Jacket Phenomenon

BHS Yellow Jacket Phenomenon

Nina Lawrence, Author

The BHS lunchtime yellow jacket phenomenon must. Be. Stopped. 

The senior privilege of having lunch outside has been a bright light in a sometimes seemingly dark year. Getting fresh air and sunlight during the one guaranteed break that we get once a day is refreshing. As a senior class, we are grateful for this privilege, but will be devastated when the winter comes and takes it away; however, that is a problem for December. In the meantime, we must take care of the yellow jackets. I haven’t had an outside lunch this year that didn’t involve a bee on my food, in my hair, or on the table. Some days, it’s even multiple, and that is when it gets really bad. 

It’s not just me, either, my friends are equally impacted by the attack of the yellow jackets as we all sit at the same table. It gets so bad at times that we have to get all of our stuff and go inside. I know this isn’t that big of a deal, but having to find an empty table to fit 5+ extra people midway through lunch is quite a quest in itself. There’s oftentimes no available round tables or even high tops for us to sit at, but we shouldn’t have to move in the first place. This is our 28 minutes to enjoy our lunch and bask in our sunlight. Okay, maybe we share the sun with every other living and nonliving thing on Earth, but the yellow jackets get it all day while we sit inside classrooms. It’s not fair. They are thieves. 

So, I think somebody needs to find the source of these yellow jackets in order to put an end to their continuous swarming. It probably won’t be me or the rest of my 17 year old classmates, but I think we can find some sort of professional to get the job done: a beekeeper or pest control of some sort. Whoever it may be, they should know that removal and displacement of the hive is crucial to the quality of BHS senior lunches. 

I beg you, BHS, please get rid of the yellow jackets. I want an enjoyable senior privilege when spring rolls around. We want that; we deserve it.