Homophobia at BHS

Cole Barry, Author

In the late winter of 2020, right before coronavirus struck, PRIDE Week… happened. Ironically named, I personally recall two scenarios that troubled me and no doubt other students at BHS concerning homophobia. 


On the so-called “Rainbow Day”, meant to represent both diversity and a small celebration of gay and transgender pride, many straight people dressed in all black in opposition to the day. I recall seeing more people dressed in black than in rainbow colors. Their presence greatly darkened a day meant to be a harmless representation. People are always going to do things like this no matter what it is, and obviously one can’t control what others wear. Still, to know that people are behaving in this way against LGBT students at our school is hurtful.


On the day of the “Pride Rally”, the clubs and sports of BHS walked through the gym with the flag or some sort of symbolism of their club. One of these clubs was the GSA, or the gay-straight alliance. When they walked out, the crowd roared in booing them. I sat in the back where the roaring was the worst. After reaching out to some people in the GSA at the time, they have told me that they did not hear the booing when they were on the gym floor but heard about it after they left. Still, there were many queer students in the crowd, and to know that their peers were behaving in this homophobic manner was deeply troubling.


Not only were many juniors and seniors involved in this action, but many were also there to bear witness. How are we supposed to feel safe when this was under two years ago? If gay students walking out on the gym floor causes such a vile reaction from our student body, what does that say about us as a school?