D&D: a look inside

D&D: a look inside

Vinaya Satheeshkumar, Student Press


The D & D (Dungeons and Dragons) club is a relatively new club with Ms. Sarantakis as their teacher advisor. D and D started winter of 2021 when a student from the anime club wanted to have a separate club for imaginary quests. This club takes place every Friday in the media center until around 4pm. In this chaotic, welcoming environment, students of BHS come together to create imaginary worlds and stories. Students compare being in this club as “escaping to a world where you can be whoever you want.”  Pursuing artistry and originality by going on quests, members of D&D allow creativity to flow.

Ms Sarantakis, the teacher advisor, stated that they don’t play with the students but they “play on my own time, but I don’t play with the club. The students have what they call DMs, and they make the story-line and plot of the game.” When asked about the chaotic environment and how the only adult in the room handles all the chaos and loudness, Ms Sarantakis stated that their “role is making sure everything is staying school appropriate and under control. They can get really into the story-line, but for the most part the kids are great at following standard procedure and language procedure.”

Dungeons and Dragons

In this club, your imagination is the limit. A player described D&D as “the only place you can plunge into sewers and get showered by grenades and still be unharmed.” Another individual stated that “kids from all over the school get time to do whatever they want and come together and just have fun.” Students enjoyed some good laughs and lollipops while playing for about two hours. 

There is no winning or losing in D&D, but that doesn’t mean this game is chill and relaxing. People were shouting and groaning everywhere, and one student stated that “it’s a mess, honestly, but it’s a really fun mess” Amidst the chaos, people were connecting and forming friendships. It was a really exciting and fun scene to watch. Sometimes, you might see someone with their head between their arms, fake sobbing, other times, you might hear yelling and bawling. Occasionally, you might catch a student fainting on the spot, or pretending to lay dead by the floor. To an onlooker, it might seem like a scene from a battleground or a war scene, but these are all normal situations to be expected while participating (or even being near), the Dungeons and Dragons club. DND