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Students Are Upset Over Possible AP Class Cuts

Students Are Upset Over Possible AP Class Cuts

With the school system’s budget cut, there are many unknowns for next school year. One area that faces many unknowns is AP classes. This is making students upset and anxious. 

Why are kids so upset about this? 

“It could affect my future and it’s kind of scary to think that every year more and more things could be getting cut” said Victor Mankowski.

Mankowski, a sophomore as well as the Vice President of The National Honors Arts Society at BHS, was recommended for AP art next year. 

Many of the students in AP Art plan on having careers in the arts and taking that class can teach them advanced skills to prepare them for art school that they may not learn in a mid level art class.

“I really want AP Art to stay because it could affect me positively in the future because I want to go into art. I just think it’s good to keep it.”

AP Art already has to fund their own supplies through students and teachers. These people are willing to put in money in order to keep this class because they’re passionate about their classes.

Like students in AP Art, other students find passions in AP classes. Students who look forward to being in AP classes have passions that outweigh the challenges, so taking some of these classes away takes away outlets for students to express their passions in school. To many students, school feels like a chore, so why take away the things that keep kids engaged and wanting to come to school?

“Braintree had a lot more options when it came to extracurriculars and APs and now those are all going to go away” said one sophomore who wished to remain anonymous. She also stated that she and her family moved to Braintree for academic opportunity.

“I really hope APs don’t get cut because they look good on our applications for college. And they can go towards credit” told sophomore Sophia Whitely, who is going into AP physics next year. 

Not only are APs an opportunity to explore interests, but they offer academic opportunities.

The AP exams were last week and continue this week. The past month has consisted of intense studying for the students in these classes, and for good reason. High scores on AP exams can be accepted for credits in college. 

AP classes offer so much for students, whether it be help for their futures, or a class where they can truly feel engaged. Next school year there will be many changes, but the removal of some AP classes will harm students and it has been made clear through their disapproval.

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