Braintree High Chess Club grows in popularity

Nigel Lim, Staff Reporter

Chess club is a club that is, spoiler alert, for chess. Based in Mr. Dimilla’s room in 240, they host a space where anyone can play, watch and learn about chess. It is every Wednesday afterschool, starting at 2:15. 


Mr. Dimilla is the club supervisor and Mr. Fuller is the assistant supervisor this year, although he is slated to become the main supervisor next year. Mr. Fuller is a recent addition to the club, but he has always loved chess, just like others in the club. He stated that the club has gotten a lot larger specifically this year, as many more people become aware of the club, either from word of mouth or through club announcements. 


There are many different things in the club that many people specifically find likable. Many people consider it to be a fun and enjoyable club, and one of the main reasons for this is the culture of the club. This culture is generally considered to be very welcoming, with newcomers always having the opportunity to start to learn how to effectively play against others, while veterans have options to play against to never feel too bored. Some also cite the strategies and tricks surrounding chess


However, Chess club still needs a few things before the club is truly satisfactory. Only recently did the club even gain chess timers. In addition, Mr Fuller hopes to get the club to a point where it can compete in tournaments across Massachusetts, although it will certainly take some time to get to that point. He also wants to make more newcomers join Chess Club, as he wants a diverse environment that no one feels hostility in. 


One of the main events in Chess club is tournaments, a staple of any competitive game club. As of writing (3/15/23), the second tournament of this year has commenced forth in Chess Club. Tournaments are always very tense and entertaining, so I’d recommend you stop by to watch a few of the games. And if you don’t care about the tournament, there will always be tables for you to play a round or two of chess against someone else.