Student VS Staff Basketball Showdown!

Summer Lamont

Wednesday the grade nine Freshmen put a great event on for the school.

Student Council Hosted a Student Vs Staff Basketball game after school as a way to fundraise money for their own class. There was a total of twenty-four staff members spanning across many departments who participated in this game. As three o’clock came around the gym became packed with many students ready to see their friends and favorite teachers play in a friendly match. However, the friendliness left the gym quickly as the girls stepped on the court. All were competing fiercely but those gym teachers were taking it to a different level. The staff got a fast lead as it became quickly obvious that the students were going to have a challenge at hand. The students did catch the opposing team and they even ended up having the lead till the final seconds where they had a point advantage. However, in the final moments, the referee believed the students were not playing fair and he called for a foul. The students were

yelling that it was not a foul as this would make their chance of winning potentially slimmer. This did not change the referee’s mind and Ms.Spaulding was given foul shots along with pressure. If she was to miss the students would defiantly win and if she were to make a basket her team would only need to defend heavily for a final few seconds. Screams increased louder as many were trying to distract Ms.Spaulding, however she did not crack under pressure. The staff were now in the lead and the students were desperate for a buzzer beater. Before they even knew it the buzzer went off and the Staff had won!








After the girls Student Vs Staff game the boys came on the court with the Staff having a chip on their shoulder by how they had already won one out of the two games and the Students trying to get revenge as well as not loose two games to there teachers. Just like in the girls match, the staff came out and got a few baskets before the students could. Overall it seemed to be a tight game with moments of tension in this thirty minute game. Even though it was not long, this game was one to watch as it was entertaining no matter who was on the court or the current score. One special thing about this game was that there was a father vs son matchup. The matchup was of Bob Crook, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, and Cam Crook, Sophomore, of whom saw a lot of each other on the court. The rivalry between those two added to the competitiveness between the two teams. The game consisted of full court to court play as no team seemed to be extremely dominant as the final score was only a difference of four points, 44-40. In the end the Staff were dominant and swept both games against their students. Even though the scores were not in favor of the students in either games it was still a fun event full of laughter from both opponents and spectators after a long day of school. By having athletes from all different sports, teachers from all different departments, and student coaches, it was a guaranteed fun afternoon for all.  Thank you class of 2026 for putting together a great event for everyone in the school to enjoy. Let’s hope this can become a new annual  tradition here at Braintree High School!