DECA: how to start your own business at BHS

Vinaya Satheeshkumar, Student Press

There is a new club in BHS that people (especially underclassmen) are largely unaware of. 

DECA, short for Distributive Education Clubs of America, strives to “encourage the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions” 


In the Braintree high school, it is “basically an organization for students to express interest in business”.


So what can one do in DECA?


As stated by one of the founders of DECA, “In Braintree High, we conduct/come up with projects” For example, one of the projects the students are working on right now is “coming up with [their] own business proposal” which is a really useful skill to have if you want to start a business.


At the end of the project, the students “present their proposal” to the club and compete to win. DECA “give[s] resources and teach[es] [students] how to do it”. “It” referring to starting or promoting your OWN business!


How is DECA helpful for the future entrepreneurs? DECA gives students “a preview of how to actually pursue a career in business”. The co-founder of DECA in Braintree High states that “We give them the exact same things you would need to create a business proposal”


This club is a practical, hands-on club. As mentioned by the co-founder, “It is a trial and error opportunity before actually doing it in the real world”. 


If you are interested in business or curious on how to start or pursue a creer in business (to get rich ofc), be sure to come to DECA. learn more about DECA here: