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ASA students collaborating

Vinaya Satheeshkumar, Student Press

Asian Student Association: Fridays, after school. What goes on inside those cafeteria walls?

ASA was started to create a “safe space for Asians”, as told by one of its board members. It is a community that preaches the importance of individuality and the beauty of cultural awareness.  As mentioned by Grace, a board member, “ [it is] not only important to be aware of different other cultures, but also preserve [our] own”. ASA preserves Asia’s diverse culture through fun events and fundraisers. In the past, ASA had exciting events like movie night, karaoke, trivia, and so much more!

So what’s next for this exciting club? Board members say that “[they] have an event coming up on January 15, in the town hall”. The event, turns out, is the eagerly-welcomed “lunar festival” and ASA would like to “educate people so that they understand why we celebrate [the lunar festival] ”. ASA has a lot in store for the future.  All their ideas, though merely rough drafts, include “more fundraisers” as well as an “event where we can all go together to taste different foods from different cultures.” 

ASA has a perfect system that funds for the extraordinary and fun things that they manage to pull off. Where other up-and-starting clubs may struggle, ASA is covered and good to go. Who or What is the secret behind their seemingly endless pile of fundraising money? Apparently, this club gets its financial support from the “thank you grams to raise money for this party, and we also got a sponsorship from QARI, which is the Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.” Students play a huge part in the community. The spirit of ASA is definitely unparalleled. With more exciting events coming up, the students are surely “in for a spin”.