Why You Should Buy a Maple Tree


Cole Barry, Senior Columnist, Editor

As weather events and temperatures grow more intense due to global warming, the biodiversity of forestry here in Braintree has become increasingly threatened. According to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s climate vulnerability assessment on the town of Braintree, maple trees are expected to decline in the near future as oak trees become more abundant. Luckily for Braintree, there is an initiative started by BHS’s environmental club in collaboration with the national organization Tree-Plenish that intends to protect our town’s diverse population of trees. 


Firstly, why is it important that Braintree invest in biodiversity, specifically maple trees? Biodiversity is essential to the health of not only our ecosystems, but also the residents of our town. Besides the fact that maple trees provide their famous sugary sap, they also play an important role in replenishing our ecosystem. Multiple animals such as deer, squirrels, and various types of insects rely on maple trees for food. If Maple trees are to decline in numbers, there could be a disruption in our local ecosystem. 


If you are looking to help save our local maple population, the BHS environmental club is offering Braintree residents Red Maple saplings for the small price of five dollars. If you still need more reasons to plant a maple tree, the intent of the Tree-Plenish organization specifically is not for biodiversity, but is to help replenish our ecosystem for the four million pieces of paper used at BHS in the 2018-2019 school year. While the online sale ends on March 30th, there are multiple other organizations from which you can buy a maple sapling, such as the Arbor Day foundation. While prices differ, it is well worth the money spent to help maintain the diversity of our environment.


If you need help planting your maple sapling, you can pick up directions on how to plant the trees on Saturday, April 30th.


Image from PublicDomainPictures.net